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Articulate Storyline 360

The Property Management Applicant Screening Process

The problem: Due to the recent renter market fluctuation, R3 Management has hired over 200 new leasing agents to meet the market demands. The existing and new staff members are currently capturing only 50% of interested renters due to improper training that lacked real-world practice.

The solution: This purpose of this course is to train leasing agents about the policies and procedures of screening applicants, implementing scenarios to simulate real-world situations and increase the capture of renters to 70%.

Highlights: Branching Scenarios, Drag-and-Drop Interactions, Knowledge Checks, States, Markers, Triggers, Click-to-Reveal Interactions, and a Final Quiz.

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva

Deliverables: Design Document | Storyboard | Job Aid | Script

Interactive Decision Tree - Make Your Passion Your Paycheck

This interactive decision tree asks critical questions to help entrepreneurs decide if they are ready to take their business from a hobby to a full-time job. 

Highlights: States, Triggers, Custom Buttons, Click-to-Reveal Interactions, Markers

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva

Articulate Rise 360

A First-Time Cruiser's Guide to Cruising: Know Before You Go!

The problem: Survey results from past and potentials clients indicated that Cruise Control, a travel agency specializing in cruise vacations, is losing commissions to its online competitors. The survey additionally provided feedback that clients would likely book vacations with Cruise Control if they offered an "all-inclusive" experience, like pre-cruise information and education.

The solution: This purpose of this course is to educate first-time cruisers about important pre-departure information and other cruise recommendations as well as increase profits for the organization by 40%.

Highlights: Accordions, Tabs, Sorting Interactions, Knowledge Checks, Flashcard Interactions, Markers, and a Final Quiz.

Tools Used: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Deliverables: Design Document