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Camtasia Video - Cruise Packing Checklist

This is a video developed in Camtasia, supplementing the First-Time Cruiser Storyline Rise module. In this video, first-time cruisers will create a packing checklist and learn packing pro-tips to become seasoned sailors.

Tools Used: Camtasia, Canva

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Vyond Video - Baking Brilliance: Meet Instructional Designer, Chelsea Silva

This is a video developed in Vyond, introducing myself as an Instructional Designer. In this video, I discuss my passions, design philosophy, and development objectives.

Job Aids

Job Aid - The Property Management Applicant Screening Process

This is the job aid to accompany a course designed to train leasing agents about the policies and procedures of screening applicants. The job aid focuses on The Screening Process Stages.

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